Story by MOLLY SULLIVAN | Photography by SELORM JAY


 As photography in Ghana continues to gain recognition, Ofoe Amegavie is definitely one to watch. At 26 years old, Ofoe’s work has quickly garnered an international audience with folks across the continent, Europe and North America, checking for his latest additions.

The photographer is still finding voice and evolving into his craft, but this freedom is also part of his aesthetic.  Ofoe shoots in a state of unlimited inspiration, working with what currently intrigues him and avoiding what he finds repetitive and tired.

With projects like “Studio of Colors”, an ongoing photo series dealing with diverse representations of African print, he aims to show subjects in a fresh way, distinct from how “Africa-ness” is commercially marketed.

Ofoe instantly knows what he does not like. This opens the portal towards a constant, adventurous search for what might break the mold.

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