The net is going cuckoo for fufu over KOJEY RADICAL. The Ghanaian, London-based musician has crept to the surface through a number of connected aliases –  poet, MC, singer, songwriter, designer, writer, model and multimedia visual artist.

Add to the list, Creative Director of PUSHCRAYONS, an independent UK art collective and network. And Art Director for Chelsea Bravo, a contemporary menswear brand that’s getting major traction at fashion weeks around the globe. Not sure when Mr. Radical has time to sleep but 2015 is looking bright as the Accra sun for dude.

Don’t take our word for it. Peep the ever-dope Dear Daisy: Opium EP above. Pragmatic Theory Records re-released the album earlier this week with new bonus material.

Pound for pound, Kojey Radical’s ethereal flow combines electronic layers with city dissonance in a raw interpretation of what it means to be human in today’s world.


Check out “Flaws: A Lament to Rose,” a short film by A Rashid Babiker released last week and “The Garden Party,” Kojey Radical’s debut music visual.


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