“No Change” in Accra

The following article is written in Ghanaian pidgin.

Chale my pipol, wassup? See, ah want tell you guys sometin you no sheda dey notice but e dey worry we waa. Ah sure sey you ever pay for sometin wey the seller tell you sey e no get change. Before den ah no dey see am as any big deal, but now dat tin happen too much. See under this Mahama econmini de3 even if you 5p sef loss then you want craze. Eno ky33 biaa sometin happen me ehn? den I want cry but Mmerima nsu so I just lef give God.

woman and troski

Chale, som day bi my auntie send me sey my ah go deliver sometin give one of clients for Tudu. Then ah elef one 20gh note p3 for my body wey ah take bow troski from Madina. Chale, as ah take my money give the mate, he start dey talk talk sey why ah carry big money come pay GH1.50p transpo? Chale, then the guy bore but me I no mind am. We go small wey ah ask am for my change. The guy turn watch me for like 15 second wey he tell me sey he no get change.

See, the guy no mind me for the rest of the journey, we catch Tema station norr the he just jeimi ladat. ah swear I stand there like 45 minutes the mate no come again. Chale, ah curse the guy like thousand times for my head inside as I dey go deliver the things. But then ah get my ATM card so I just go search one for the Makola area there wey ah jei som money take bow ride go house. See, up till now the thing dey pain me.

taxi sideways

Dis no be the only time people take my money sake of “No Change” ooo… chaw happen me. ah know sey eno be me p3! But some of you no sheda dey mind but if you dey tink of the number of the pipol wey them dey take do we, then chale you for shine your eye. See, som of dem dey sheda do so ooo… eno be sey dem no get change but dem just want talk dat so sey you go lef give dem. Der pipol who always dey talk “No Change” be Trotro mates, Taxi driver den food sellers.

One other funny tin about the food sellers and taxi drivers be sey them go take your money do change give somebody then when it catch your turn them go pretend sey them no know the amount them take from you already. Afta you remind dem, then them go drop the “No Change” bomb. Taxi drivers never dey want take take 20p sef dash but them go dey expect sey you take your 1gh dash them. The food sellers too go tell you sey go come claim am later if you dey come buy chow. But if you dey go buy food again, them go pretend like them no know you. Even if you remind dem they go do like you dey try rob them. See, that ti  dey pain! Especially if you take that money do your budget for the food.

troski lampin

So, Chale if  you try add up all the money you make ego sake of “No Change” you no go fit take buy bicycle? Lol. Me ah want tell you guys to dey gee waa cos people dey take wanna money sake of “No Change.” Now if ah know sey ah dey go bow troski, ah dey make sure sey ah get coins or smaller notes. No service provider go take my change again for Accra here!

By: Nana Osei Kwadwo

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