Sam Turpin’s “ALEXANDRIE”

While in Jo’burg last September to participate in the Creative Futures session, I met Sam Turpin. He approached me following a panel talk and was already familiar with ACCRA [dot] ALT. His immediate question was, “Hey, how come you guys haven’t plugged Kojey Radical?”

I was struck by the forthrightness of this tall, thin white guy cloaked in a print cap and funky sneaks. I later found out that he was also a music artist and producer who bakes raps in the kitchen with a number of trill SA artists including Illla NJO, Bye Beneco singer Lenny-Dee, Krhythmik, and DJ Spoko. Last March, Sam released his debut 4-track EP, Eternal Sentiment. Sam is also a director and editor, holding down both jobs for Sipho the Gift’s “Somwhere” video.

Today we share Sam’s latest video project, “Alexandrie,” shot by South African videographer Austin Malema. The song was inspired by the passing of his mother, acclaimed photographer Gisèle Wulfsohn. It is named after Alexandria in Egypt where his grandmother was born.

According to Sam, “The video is a personification of how personal experiences require a bit of reflection sometimes and how they stay with us wherever we go. It is good to explore our experiences emotionally.”


Dig on and download Eternal Sentiment for free below.

By: Sionne Neely

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