Gbosa, Gbosa in the Air

The Naija Boyz are baaaaaack! Forgive my over-the-top enthusiasm. Perhaps you have no idea who exactly I’m referring to considering that there are, in fact, Naija boyz the world over.

I’m particularly referencing THE NAIJA BOYZ, fraternal twins and also comedian-musicians based in the states. The brothers have caused a web video craze over the last 7 years by releasing Nigerian cultural spoofs of songs by popular U.S. artists including Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Kanye West.

To be fair, they don’t just spoof songs by mainstream musicians. Instead, they come hard with witty, eerily on-point lyrics and culturally reworked choruses. The pair reference many things from skin bleaching, social media behavior, immigration wahala to the church’s love of money. The Boyz’ specific brand of humor is something many young Africans, continental and diasporic, can relate to because it reflects some essence of their day-to-day life.

Truth be told, I discovered the Naija Boyz quite late. I somehow happened upon their December 2013 version of Miley Cyrus’s infamous “Wrecking Ball,” where the twins caution African girls who mimic celebrities by posting scantily-clad selfie photos on social media. “You are not a white girl,” croon the Naija Boyz. The duo doesn’t stop there though. They also warn young men who embrace western forms of public sexuality that, at some point, they will meet the wrath of African parents. You might just burst from watching this one. Ever since then, I’ve been sold on these guys.

If you know their material, the Naija Boyz are adamant about chronicling a son’s eternal love for mom’s cooking – “we love African food oh!” In their latest release, the boyz find a way to praise their mama’s culinary tact without lecturing on calories, cholesterol intake and the makings of a proper diet.

Chale, check out the “7/11 African Remix” video below while I make haste to my mum’s place. I hear my stomach calling!

By: Kadi Tay

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