The AFCON 2015 Review, Chale

Ghana's Black Stars at AFCON 2015 via lockerdome

The following article is written in Ghanaian pidgin.

Chale! Chale!! CHAAALE!!! Make we talk football small.

Chale, the African Cup wey we no win de3 it pain me roff. Me de3 I dey see am sey like we for chop am easy koraa, but ebi like the Ivorians then demma agbala be tight pass wanna own.  Or we use the trophy pay for the 80MW electricity them take give we make we watch the match no? Chale, me de3 I no go shock! But the boys force waa, sake of then we no get vim for demma inside. Then some Ghanaians sef no know sey them dey play African Cup of Nations. If people dey wey them no know, I no go blame them sake of then CAF sef no be sure sey the AFCON go come on. Wey Sake of Ebola, Morocco do CAF citeh!

Me ah no watch the first game cos den ah dey job. But ah follow the game for twitter. See, if you dey want place wey you go fit get deep analysis on anything from sex to footaball, I swear ebi Ghana twitter. Ebi like some people plan sey them no go watch or support the Black Stars again, but some of their members forget sey them talk sey them no go support Black stars… LOL





Chale after this, now I come understand sey people no go fit dawg football just ladat. See, that be why we say Ghana be football country… football country wey since them born me I never see sey we win trophy before… lol. Ah well! But still vim dey!

Christian Atsu wey he win man of the tournament. Chale he force waa! But ebi like he see what some people tell am for twitter wey he bore.  Sake of the way he play the rest of the matches I swear he make my eye get waa.




See, we lose the Senegal match then chaw pipol figure sey we go come house, but me then I get vim sey we go go far but we no go catch finals. Wey them spoil my prediction wey them make me happy. LOL. The tournament de3 then edey bee but then the Equatorial Guinea pipol want take some takashi beat wanna players and fans. See so then them figure sey them go score Ghana? Them dey craze? Ah beg when them start play football sef?

CAF for punish them waa! I dey suggest sey CAF for make them give Ghana 160MW electricity for one year.  Or what you pipols dey think? Chale this go fit be wanna way to shun dumsor ooo!!!

Something dey wey GFA for make the coach tell we. He for tell we why then he dey wear only one shirt? Ebi ein gbala or what? But he wash am sef? Hahaa! I dey think sey we for make wanna coaches wear Kente cloth or Batakari go tournaments. Abi all be part of branding Ghana, or nah?

Chale, we for praise boys. Asamoah Gyan for get state award I swear! The guy dey sick all he take play make we catch finals. Dede ein patriotism de3 since Kwame Nkrumah ein time I no sure sey Ghana see some before. The guy de3 he go fit die give Ghana sef.

We go win the 2017 African Cup of Nations. Maybe we go do host and win sef.

By: Nana Osei Kwadwo

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