Hating Otherness be Yawa Pass

The following article is written in Ghanaian pidgin.

Chale! See, some foolish nibiis dey happen for Ghana wey we for address fast. Like two weeks ago, ah hear say some pipol go beat som guy sake of he be gay. That matter worry me waa! Not be say ah be gay wey ah dey fear ooo, but the tin just no dey make sense, say pipol just go wake up den try kill somebody sake of he no have the same sexual preference plus them.

We for shon dis misbehavior den ignorance. MzBel too come get wahala sake of she no dey believe in Jesus Christ. Dis one sef ebi matter? She wey she no dey believe in Jesus ah, how e dey affect pipol demma life? Ebi like som pipol want impose demma beliefs and morals for orda pipol dem top.

See, ebi sad say barbaric nibiis like this still dey happen for Ghana. Den ah figure say we dey civilized areas ooo. Bi like som pipol still dey live stagnant lives. Ah dey try talk say pipol dem eyes no gbele koraa.

Ah no dey why we go dey join foreign campaigns like ALL LIVES MATTER den BLACK LIVES MATTER, den later come attack wanna own black pipol for demma “otherness.”

Chale, it just no dey bee say pipol for suffer for this world inside sake of who they be. See, the injustice den inequality for dis country just no dey make sense to me. The youth for this country dey grow on some wack perceptions wey e no dey  make they regard  “others” sake of them dey see them as dangerous to society.  Dis be why dis country no be united nu ooo. Ah no dey barb how hard ebi sey we no go make pipol just dey dem corna and live.


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Ah san read recently for some website say den some students for some SHS for Volta Region want beat some two boys for the school inside sake of them dey suspect sey the boys be gay. Chale, you see the foolishness for this country? You see where the hate dey start from? Pipol them dey school wey  they for learn nu, them dey rather attack demma colleagues sake of them be gay.

But the thing wey the Ghana Education Service do be stupid pass anything. Dem say make gay students go see psychiatrist. The boys wey dem nearly beat no dey hia psychologist wey go psych them up, but the idiots for Ghana education say make dem go see psychiatrist make he cure homosexuality or what? Ah well!

The tinn wey we for know be say same-sex relationships dey plus we since since. But wanna society den religion make e look like ebi some evil tinn wey some obroni den satan want take destroy wanna society.  Ah no know when wana religious folk go see say the devil dey carry same-sex relationships come Ghana. Dem for come explain give we. To me, pipol who dey preach hate against ‘other’ people sake of them be different be nation wreckers.

Ah dey beg waa make we gbele wanna eye small then accept the world how it dey. Dat be how we go fit create the environment wey we dey like. But if we dey allow some Mallam or Pastor preach hate give we, we never go develop. Me, I talk my mind finish.

By: Nana Osei Kwadwo

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