Hiplife Cabaret: Her name is Adomaa

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Ghanaian music continues to change into all kinds  of  unnameable genres with the apparent availability  of digital technology.  From Osibisa’s early soul funk, Gyedu-Blay’s euphoric baritone sax  to Efya’s soulful  mellow sounds, Sarkodie’s tongue twisting antics, Pappy Kojo’s funky Fante bars, Wanlov the Kubolor’s radical acoustic lullabies and Worlasi’s language bridging Afrobeat-backed raps , I daresay Ghana’s alternative music scene is experiencing a weird kind of visibility that actually takes the art form seriously. While Ghana awaits the day internet prices will drop and become more accessible nationwide, the internet  has filled in where TV squeezes musicians out with airtime charges. Young Ghanaians are discovering content  online that will never be on TV and musicians are the largest beneficiaries.

Over the past year, Ghanaians have rinsed Sarkodie and Castro’s Adonai and Stonebwoy‘s Baafira   so much  I get a sore from hearing these songs. Well Adomaa voice is all over those songs for those of you who don’t know.

Enter newcomer ADOMAA.

 Adomaa represents an add on to a highly masculine arena that periodically celebrates music that crucifies women’s sexuality and represents them as society’s objects of pleasure. This young lady brings  unique vocal range to her own fusion of guitar licks and electro medley,  Clearly different from the famous hooks she’s sang for Sarkodie and Castro.

Sassy Adomaa

Sassy Adomaa

 Maybe there is a long list of talented female artists waiting in the wings to share some music we’ve been dying to hear and Adomaa is leading the way.

Peep the video below.


By Kadi Yao Tay

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