Dis Your Accent Be Suspect

The following article is written in Ghanaian pidgin.

by Nana Osei Kwadwo

Chale, ah dey greet you pipol from the Accra Space Station. That be where ah dey more times. Chale, some nibiis dey go on for Ghana here wey we for do den shun cos it no good koraa. See, how sey them go born people for Ghana ,make them grow for here wey them no dey fit speak any local language? Ah no know sey some pipol dey sheda dey do that fokn tinn. Chale, the Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA) pipol come chaw for Ghana too much.

Now the LAFA dey every corner! For the music inside, radio den TV top. Ebi like people no go see you if you no get accent. Wana rappers wey dem dey bore me pass. Them go come TV top sey them dey do local hip hop but if you dey listen demma music them dey do demma body Jah Rule Jah Rule. What dey pain me be sey some of them never borger before ooo. See, make you guys go youtube go see that Rap Battle show dem dey call LyricalWarsGh. You go barb what I dey talk. We get some other rappers wey them stay Yanky then London ky33 but still them no dey slur, make you listen FOKN BOIS (Wanlov den Mensa) see. Wana radio den TV presenters all want sound like Yanky or London pipols plus demma fake accents. Sometimes sef the accent no get address. We no know if ebi Chinese, Swahili, Yanky, London, or Zulu accent… lol. Them dey do yawa but them figure sey e dey bee.

The other thing be sey the pipol wey them dey force speak abrokyir accents no dey fit speak correct English sef. Chale, normal grammar sef you no dey fit speak then you san dey talk plus la borrow accent. One thing ah notice be sey the people wey them dey want speak the Yanky always dey add ‘r’ for every word inside, wey the people wey them want talk the London accent no dey say ‘t’ for most of the words inside. How dis LAFA pipol dey feel cool sef dey bore.

Chale, this foolishness just dey kill wana local languages. Some young pipol figure say the local languages be afuom, but them no know sey them be ignorant. Now the people you dey fake dema accent saf dey want speak wana language den sound like us. Chaw of the white pipol ah meet for Accra want learn Twi, Ga or Ewe, so why wana own pipol no dey want speak den sound like Ghanaians. See Nigeria, the way them be proud of dema languages just dey bee. Nigerians get demma own deep English accent. If you dey listen Nigerian music you dey fit get the passion them dey take blend dema English den the local languages. But you hear Ghanaian song den you dey wonder whether ebi Ghanaian or ebi some blofonyo.

Every day we dey talk about branding Ghana but we no dey want associate wanna body plus anything Ghanaian. Branding Ghana no be only eating Ghanaian food den wearing the local print ooo. We for speak wana language den make people want know more about it. Dat be how the first thing we go fit use communicate the Ghana brand.

Some Ghanaian parents too be kolomental pass. Dem no dey teach dema kiddies any local language, them want make demma children speak English den talk like the Queen or the U.S. President more times. We for catch them parents all den whip them!

Chale, the Patois pipol too dey but we go talk that one later. Dem pirates wey dem dey lie we plus the fake Patois.

Chale, ah beg make we dawg this LAFA den find an identity for wanna language like Nigeria den other countries alike.


  • Akweley says:

    Chale! This is on point! I would reply in Pidgin but mine is very terrible because I never learned it. Now I wish I did. Also I remember back in the days when I was in Ghana, I would only speak English unless at home. Then I came to live in NY and when I visited Ghana I only spoke the local languages. My friends were surprised because they thought I did not know how to speak the local dialects and were disappointed because they wanted to hear my “slur”. I had my own LAFA going on way before the States! It took my going outside of Ghana to learn to really appreciate where I am coming from. For those parent who do not teach their children their language they are taking away their identity. Not cool. I wish I can speak my mother’s tongue, Ewe. I can only speak my grandmother’s…and Twi and bad Ga. I wish I can speak Hausa, too. But Someday I mean to move back to Ghana and learn more awesome Ghanaian languages. Our languages are all very very sexy!

    • ADA says:

      @Akweley – Thanks for the shout out. We must try to re-learn as much as we can. Indeed, our languages are sexy bombs.

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