World Premiere: Falana’s To Bernard

Ontario based Falana is one of the most engrossing soul/R&B acts we’ve heard in the last year.

Falana’s current single “To Bernard” provides an impressive glimpse at her debut EP Things Fall Togethers versatility. The track touts a wonderful driving beat with airy chords and playful bass lines that would do great anywhere.

“To Bernard”‘s structural repetition and the vibrant melodies makes it a truly memorable song.

“they say drama makes a story sweeter/

and it makes your skin much thicker/

that is my defense/

now, all my thoughts are retrospective/

and you are now my sole objective”

It is a letter addressed to a lover, that spells out in a beautiful voice, everything to desire in a relationship.

The warm, minimalist video with its soulful instrumental accompaniment, is a classy masterpiece that makes it a winner.

Check out the premiere below.

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