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By Nana Osei Kwadwo

The following article is written in Ghanaian pidgin.

Ma pipol, ah dey greet you.  Chale, of late ah dey see sey pipol dey talk about Ghanaian movies waa. First den movie industry be for der people wey they dey speak english waa, so dem name am Ghallywood. For no reason as dey jaas dey copy the Naija . For dem mind dat be Ghana wanna version for Hollywood. But now ebi like another movie industry dey boom for Kumasi. Dat be Kumasi pipol demma version of Hollywood so dey too name am Kumawood. Be like now Kumawood dey compete for the West African movie business inside, before den GH no dey see top kraa.

Chale, by the way, the effects for Kumawood movies inside be too much. Sometimes I dey fit laugh saa den tears dey commot for my eyes. Chale, the special effects for Lil Win ein David Ba Reloaded be serious. Oh! den see der martial arts for Kyeiwaa ein the Matrix type film, B14.



See, we just dey watch Kumawood movies take laugh. Wey we always dey condemn the production den the films sake of eno dey catch the so called standards that GH then Nollywood set for West Africa. By the way, the name Ghallywood be yawa pass. Why e hard for we to be original so? Den ah dey talk plus Mantse (Aryeequaye) about Kumawood films wey he talk some serious tins about that movie industry. He sey make we jie wanna eye from the production den watch business side.

Chale, Kumawood demma movies no dey bee ahiaa but dem be funny wey demma settings be more original pass the on awam-by-force tins der so called filmmakers dey do. Chale, the tins we see for the Kumasi films be more relatable, and they dey entertain piopl. Diss be one reason why pipol dey buy demma movies.



Now ehn, Kumawood be some big business place wey people dey invest. Business pipol come see sey now Kumawood movies dey in high demand so them dey put demma money for inside. More production companies come up for Ghana sake of Kumasi films. Now more than 15 movies dey commot for Ghana every week, wey chaw from Kumasi. Der movies too dey get ready market.

Chale, from 2000 – 2008, den chaw movie posters you go see for town be Nigerian Movies plus some small Ghana ones, but e change since Kumawood come. The Naija film distributers sef dey complain say they no dey see the competition top. The serious tin be sey the Kumawood industry create business den jobs for some pipol for Europe den Yanky. The Yanky den Europe pipol dey retail den sell the Kumawood movies give Africans for there.  Ah hear sey one movie dey cost like £15 – £20 for UK, wey $20 – $25 for Yanky.



Chale, the industry make jobs come chaw for Ghana here. See the actors, editors, cameramen, sound pipol, lighting guys, makeup artists, graphic designers, den musicians wey dey do sound tracks give the movies. Imagine say ten production companies dey shoot movie the same time wey dem all for hire dis pipol some.  We for support Kumawood  cos dem give chaw young pipol jobs.

You guys know sey Bisa Kdei ebi Kumawood e get ein shine for? The first time pipol come hear of am den ebi for the soundtrack he do give the Azonto Ghost movie. Chaw musicians dey wey Kumawood dey help them commot. You see the pipol dem dey follow car dey sell the movies? That one too be job give dem sake of dem dey get money for inside.


See, Kumawood movies no dey like den glamour Shirley Frimpong Manso, Frank Rajah Arase dems demma movies some but the Kumawood movies get ein own level of entertainment.  We for start see am as som gradual development. Hollywood do movies over 100 years, Bollywood too chee for the game inside so, of course, they go have better technique. Der Kumawood folk dey on demma way to better films too – der tin e be stages. Now sef the by-force blorfo film actors den actresses like Majid Michel, Van Vicker, den Jackie Appiah dems dey feature for Kumawood movies inside. Dis for show you sey, chale, the money den the fame dey der too. Agya Koo, Lil Win, Kwaku Manu, Kyeiwaa, Mercy Asiedu, Vivian Jill den chaw people be popular for Ghana here sake of demma Kumawood movies. Som of dem sef be brand ambassadors give multinational companies. Som sef dey claim like $3,000 den $5,000 for one movie.

But den som actors always dey try trash talk the Kumawood films. Dem talk sey e dey kill Ghana movie industry, like seriously? Like duhhh!!! Like if eno be Kumawood like chaw old actors den actresses loss for the system inside. Som pipol actually try collapse Kumawood but dem no fit sake of Ghana pipol like am.

We all go agree sey Kumawood films demma production quality dey low but chale people invest for inside wey them no go allow make it flop just lydat. Now what we for do be sey, we for get better production companies make dem go Kumasi go help the pipol for there. We for just improve what dey already cos Kumawood force give the economy.

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