Jojo Abot releases her first EP, Fyfya Woto. Nordic Noir Photography

Ghana folk in Accra remember Jojo Abot from 2012 when she was packing out The Taverna Tropicana and the Talk Party Series spot in Osu at the time. We loved her sound not only because it was different but Accra was dying for something stimulating and Jojo’s sound was the cure.

People loved her even more after they saw her live. Jojo knows how to hold a crowd. Fyfya Woto is her first EP and by far the most intriguing by a Ghanaian female artist recently. For those who followed her career during her time in Copenhagen,  “Lom Va Va” signaled a turning point that her fans weren’t used to. But the synth=electro vibe grew on us and we’ve been waiting for her album since. Fyfya Woto isn’t an album but it’s safe to assume this is a taste of what’s to come. This EP holds some of Jojo’s  most experimental vocal melodies, and dizzying as it is, always stays in the realm of consonance and pleasantness.  “To Li” is a simple yet impossibly pretty song,  that shows how much Jojo’s sound has evolved. The changes are welcome and make for an exciting EP.


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