Artists Steloo and Elisabeth Sutherland in James Town during CHALE WOTE prep meeting, July 2015. Photo: ACCRA [dot] ALT

If you came to CHALE WOTE last year, by all means you will recall STELOO, the Fashion DJ, who tore High Street apart with his massive party set.

We’re in for a treat this time round. Steloo returns to CHALE WOTE with an exciting mashup of sounds, surprises and special performances to keep the street jam going nonstop. From what we’re hearing, James Town won’t be able to stand straight after he’s through.

Steloo recently released a video (shot by Amfo Connolly) that gives us a glimpse into the Fashion DJ life. On 22-23 August, visit the man up close and personal when he demolishes the turntables with a feature African Electronics set. Steloo will be based at the Oblatsoobi Market, opposite James Town Post Office and the Customs building from 4-6pm both days.



Steloo shared this on what to expect from his set:

It’s a performance DJ set featuring ACCRA HOUSE MUSIC which is really about the evolution of our culture. How it’s been exaggerated and accelerated with technology, especially through music and fashion. With the 909s AND 808s LAB, our minds are looking towards a place where our culture is a parallel concept to how logic works – where people need no supervision or guidance as to what to wear and what to listen to. The 909s AND 808s LAB will test and push the limits of today and tomorrow. *Drop the BASS!!*

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