Steloo + Yaw P: “Fashion Statement” (Official Video)

Yaw P on Korley Street in Accra. Photo by Mantse Aryeequaye.

Chale, here it is. REDD KAT Pictures and ACCRA [dot] ALT proudly present Steloo x Yaw P in their latest music offering,“Fashion Statement.”

The video was directed by Mantse Aryeequaye with camera work by Abass Ismail. The video also features visual artist, Attukwei Clottey and Labadi performance art collective, Go Lokal. “Fashion Statement” was shot over the course of two days in central Accra, mostly Makola Market and Adedeinkpo.   

Steloo and Yaw P have been making beautiful Accra house music together and independently for nearly a decade, leading the way to a new movement in music and dance culture. As Steloo shares, “It’s time for African Electronic Dance Music to take on. Since 2007, I have been dreaming and living house music as my life and not wanting to go with the flow out there. I want to bring something fresh on board to the world. Trends are not everything.”

He goes on to state that Ghana-made house music is not just for entertainment but a political weapon and an alternative way of life. “Steloo is the voice of the people. I speak for those who can’t speak for themselves through my music, art and fashion style. The idea behind the song and video is to shine a light on art and fashion and expose it to the people in a musical form. We are preaching liberation, art and building one’s confidence to create and think outside the box. Also, we are telling our own story of street styling and fashion as a whole.”

Yaw P had this to say about “Fashion Statement”:

“We had a cohesion of ideas, energy and passion on the exact same wavelength and this really felt gratifying. Fashion in Ghana has a lot of preconceptions and stereotypes based on what you wear. Everyone tends to dress the same. There’s not much variance in what people wear. Being socially accepted is one our main priorities as people, but Steloo and I don’t want to be owned by this and have chosen very different ways of expressing ourselves. We find that in doing so, we are not alone.

The statement is a matter of liberation from a standard way of life embedded in our minds. This song and video just goes to show how we have decided to debunk the rules and forge our own path in music, fashion and art. There’s a norm that exists that needn’t be.This is just a dent in our history in Ghana, to solidify and mark a point in time where some Ghanaians changed. This change is bigger than us. All we want to do is help it along.”


 What do you think about Accra house music and this new video by Steloo and Yaw P? Let us know in the Comments Section.


Make a statement with your own masterpiece of fashion.


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