Yaa Pono was laying on the gravel rolling back & forth and laughing loudly to the point of sounding in pain…I was standing next to him filming or just holding my phone up with my mouth wide open and my eyes fixed so widely on the stage to help my ears believe what I was experiencing…most of the people in the crowd were holding their heads…

Efo Chameleon was on stage rapping an acapella. His lyrics were funnier than a Lil Win kumawood film…in fact, Tutulapato and Funny Face both performed that night on the same stage and none of them got nearly as loud a roar from the crowd than Efo Chameleon, a virtually unknown act, did that unforgettable night.

Efo told me later he had come from Bawjiasi, a small town 45 minutes north of Kasoa where he lives, to compete in Big In Ghana, a talent show M3NSA & I co-created with Africa Unsigned to unearth fresh talent in Ghana. Efo’s accent is unmistakably Ewe, but he raps in the most simple mastery of Akan I have ever heard.

Efo went on to win a competition FOKN Bois called ECO RAVE which had a ECO Rap competition. Apart from the cash he won that night and some screen time on CNN, he also got a music video made for his extremely relevant song “Keep Ghana Clean” which surprisingly went under the radar.



Efo not only rides beat in unorthodox rap patterns, his words whisk your imagination off to other worlds where he employs a lot of onomatopoeia to help you feel his rap in 4D. He has some freestyle videos online you can watch to catch his vibes and his amazing afro-futuristic fashion sense which changes every other time he steps on stage.

Now he has a new video for his song “Akukor” in which he features his good friend Lord Panda and two brave offbeat booty shaking ladies from the Bawjiasi RM (Real Movement) clique. Still not sure if this song is about sex or food.

Guys, we give you Ghana’s first quattro-dimensional rapper, EFO CHAMELEON, in “Akukor” ft. Lord Panda.




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