You Dey Yob!

I Love The Shit Outta You. Cards by Yobbings.

YOBBINGS is pidgin for “running your mouth.” It can also mean “having a con man’s mouth” depending on how it is used.

The master of sweet talk, it’s one of the boldest tools of persuasion. Yobbings captures the essence of chatting up a good game as well as the apprehension and thrill that accompanies it. Of course, there are pros at this verbal dance and others who, well, need some assistance.

This great collection of Yobbings greeting cards captures the nuances of such encounters. Stitched from the colors, languages and gestures of everyday Ghanaians, the cards are made right here in Accra.

I’ll Drink Your Bathwater

 Here Yobbings is a line of modern greetings and paper goods meant to convey one’s “yobbings” (feelings and thoughts) to that special someone.

Love on a KVIP Wall

Inspired by native and modern cultural references, Yobbings! offers an assortment of must have cards, each with elaborate, quirky illustrations accompanied by downright honest text that is sure to cause a response.

Your Doggy Dey Jorm

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Chale, You DEY Yob!

Me Feeli Wo FOKN!


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