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James Town Lighthouse. Photo via Flying Fourchette

No place in Accra can boast the indigenous social and cultural electric vibrancy of James Town. With cultural gems like local festivals, World Heritage-renowned forts, a thriving fishing harbor and tangibly deep heritage traditions, James Town provides an experience like no other.

This year, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival teams up with Accra Walking Tours to provide local walking tours of James Town and its environs. Experience Accra and the Gold Coast’s once mighty trading center first hand through our one-hour, information-packed expeditions. With our enthusiastic tour guides, stroll James Town’s neighborhoods and/or fishing harbor, gain one-of-a-kind local access to the area’s hidden and little-known cultural spots, feast your eyes on James Town’s colorful and imposing sights, and hear tales of indigenous beginnings, colonial encounters and lasting traditions.


Chale Wote and Accra Walking Tours will provide two tours:

James Town Settlement Tour

Take the Settlement Tour to trace James Town’s history through visits to historical sites, spanning Accra’s indigenous and colonial periods. Learn the stories of James Town’s indigenous Ga beginnings, visit the revered residences of traditional leaders, and wander the back streets and narrow passageways of James Town’s dense community dwellings. Tour includes visits to seven traditional Mantse palaces (stool houses) that make up the Ga Mashie State, colonial homes and forts used during the slave trade, the first home in Ghana for repatriated blacks returning from Brazil, Ghana’s first hotel and first photography studio.

James Town Beach Tour

Take the Beach Tour to explore the deeply embedded fishing tradition of James Town, with a guided walk along the harbor and beach, introducing you to centuries-old practices of constructing sea-worthy boats, smoking and drying fish and the spiritual foundations of local fishing practices. Explore the Europeans’ colonial impact via influence on this coastal city, from segregated beaches to forts and tunnels actively used in the slave trade. Tour includes visits to James Town beach and harbor, traditional fish smoking plant, up-close view of fishing and boat building, colonial homes and forts used during the slave trade, and the first home in Ghana for repatriated blacks from Brazil.


Explore #ChaleWote2015 through Our Digital Sightseeing Tour of James Town

We’re also providing you virtual shots of James Town most culturally rich spaces and their Chale Wote-inspired artistic sides – from James Town’s Lighthouse, to traditional authorities’ home dwellings, and the Brazil House. As you explore the cultural and art places, people and events that have shaped this community, use our virtual photo tour of James Town Heritage sites on Instagram to share your own reflections.

Franklin House

Here’s how:

1. Download a QR code scanner app for your phone. For iPhones, check out QR Code Reader and Scanner for iPhone or QR Reader for iPhone; for Android phones, check out QR Reader for Android or QR Code Droid Code Scanner. For Windows phones, check out QR Code Reader.

2. At Chale Wote, scan the QR code at the placemarker for each Heritage Tour site. Use your phone app to scan the QR code, and you’ll access each unique Instagram post for the tour site. Read up on the site and catch the entire Chale Wote festival schedule for that location.

3. Then it’s your turn: Share your own impressions of the space. Add your own impressions by liking and commenting on the @AccraWalkingTours Instagram post, and then post your own photo and tag it with #ChaleWote15 — and don’t forget to mention @AccraWalkingTours!!

Accra Walking Tours Instagram

Accra Walking Tours Instagram

Accra Walking Tours: Beach Tour and Settlement Tours Information

Language: English
Departure Times: Saturday and Sunday at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
Departure Point: James Town Lighthouse
Tour Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Price: 15ghc per person

Wote m) James Town, aloo?

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