The yoyo tinz Shrine at Chale Wote 2015

yoyo tinz

It’s been only a year since yoyo tinz’ groovy Hiphop set at Chale Wote 2014 and we haven’t quite recovered from their electric performance. Arguably the progenitors of Ghanaian hip-hop archiving, the accomplished collective is summoning The Shrine to Chale Wote 2015.

Moshood Balogun details the beginnings and direction of the group.

YOYO TINZ was officially launched about three years ago and the idea conceived two years prior in 2010, by Selorm Jay.

Selorm found it extremely problematic that there wasn’t at the time, a platform solely dedicated to the preservation and development of all things hip-hop produced by Ghanaians. He ended up putting a crew together to set up Ghana’s first virtual Hip-hop museum and yoyo tinz came out of that effort.

Three years after it’s launch, yoyo tinz, a name inspired by ‘yoyo’, the Ghanaian term attributed to Hip-hop mannerisms, has a notable presence within the Ghanaian Hiphop scene.

The ‘Gintar Tinz’ and ‘Meet The Artist’ series are two of  yoyo tinz’ main initiatives that are inspired by the groups’ pursuit of it’s mission. Gintar Tinz,  is a live open mic set on video, and Meet The Artist gives fans the chance to meet and interact with an artiste on a wide range of topics. EL the Barman and Blitz the Ambassador are two of the artistes that have featured on the series.

yoyo tinz as a collective is about countering stereotypes associated with Hiphop  by exploring all of its associated elements and nuanced expression within a Ghanaian context.

The group had one of the most electrifying stands at last years’ Chale Wote Street Art festival with their ‘Gbobalor Hiphop’ package, and they’re poised to deliver an even better show this year. Their project this year is aptly titled The Shrine and fluidly fits in with the festival’s theme, African Electronics. Elaborating the meaning behind their project title and its relation to hip-hop and the festival’s theme, the group explains, “our shrines, aside all the mystified conceptions we’ve been taught to have of them, are also centres of learning. In the same vein, hip-hop has been corrupted to make it seem uncultured, despite the fact that it is, in it’s truest form, a tool for acquiring knowledge, and in effect, power. And when we say learning, we mean progressive, beneficial stuff.”

Having only recently returned from the Paris Hiphop Festival, yoyo tinz intends to implement and experiment with some of the knowledge and ideas they picked up out there, and they are very hopeful of the very best of results.

yoyo tinz co-director, Essenam, aka Madam yoyo tinz had this to say, “we want the public to be able to embrace the full hip-hop culture. The Shrine will not only be a live radio station, but will also be an entire experience that is sure to have all your senses stimulated as there’ll be lots of listening to do, a lot of viewing, a lot of tasting and what have you.” Madam yoyo tinz urges all to “come and share a unique and exciting experience” with yoyo tinz, inside The Shrine come Chale Wote this month.

Madam yoyo tinz

Selorm Jay adds that ‘if you’re having troubles understanding what hiphop in GH really is, what it’s like, The Shrine will give you that blueprint.

Catch up with yoyo tinz on here.

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