crazinisT artisT’s “pieta-afriCan resurrect” At Chale Wote

Voyage. Photo by Derrick Owusu Bempah

Voyage. Photo by Derrick Owusu Bempah

Performance artist crazinisT artisT [AKA Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi] staged an abrupt flash mob at last year’s festival. He was amongst several artists who showed up and did a series of impromptu performances. Chale Wote invited Va-Bene this year to explore the theme “African Electronics” with a performance installation.

I believe in the power of the body to subvert social codes and cultures that will lead people to rethink and question the existence of everything.

reThinking naZa

reThinking naZa

crazinisT like many other performance artists in Africa uses his art to query the dehumanisation and objectification of the human body as socio-political merchandise. His “Return of the Slaves,” “Stench of Silence” and “Borders” performances for example were exhibitions of the recurrence of crimes against humanity that are deliberately ignored and made to appear as a freak show. crazinisT artisT uses dog leashes in some of his performances which he says depicts the extreme form of humiliation and the agonies of the vulnerable.

 He had this to say about the theme:

African electronics is the creative force of our mind and the flow of energy that come together to power many possibilities of the body for self-discoveries.

For his performance, crazinisT said to imagine a black oiled naked body lying helplessly in the laps of a partially nude European Woman. The performance will last for about six hours without food and water until both bodies are drained of their energy.

The Borders. Photo by Folly Koumouganh

‘pieta-afriCan resurrect’ will be the second collaborative installation by crazinisT artisT and Italian anthropologist, Natascia Silverio. The two merge history, race, cultures and gender borders to redefine human existence within the 21st century. Their performance questions the disabled human mind and the dependant governance in many African nations.

Africa is never dead, it is only in a deactivated mode of inferiority complexities and disbeliefs of self­-empowerment.

Crucifix Crises

crazinisT graduated with a BFA from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

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