GATO PRETO are making noise in “Barulho” [video]

GATO PRETO takes us there again. This time with “Barulho,” a mad max mashup of tropical bass, dance funk and silver sweat. Gata Misteriosa (Mozambique | Portugal) and Lee Bass (Ghana | Germany) set it off in a mission¬†to find the drum, the original space age technology.

Gata doesn’t disappoint with thigh-high kill boots, a shock white wig, spike-eyed torchlight and breastplates. Barulho means “make noise” and is Gato Preto’s invitation to jump about and generally wild out. The track features Edu K, the lead singer of Brazilian band Defalla and a BaileFunk hitman. Spaced out kuduro in effect.


Emperor (1)


In some ways, “Barulho” speaks to the unique journey of Gato Preto, currently in South Africa for the African Futures Festival¬†where they will perform with Keziah Jones and Spoek Mathambo. Lee shares this about their music:

We travel through time and bass in a hypersonic beat machine, always on the hunt for new grooves. For a long time, I was sending out frequencies into space I finally caught a strange message from another galaxy: it was Gata who responded. We decided to remix our forces for a world with better grooves. Gata descends from a rhyme tribe located in a far away sound system, while I come from Planet Decibel where I grew up in a hyper room fed by bass.

Check out the music video and download the track for free.

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