Ghana’s alternative rock band, DARK SUBURB, just released a new music video, “Mama”, featuring Northern punk princess, Wiyaala. The song and video chronicles the aftermath of the fated June 3rd fire and flood crisis in Accra last year that left more than 200 people dead and caused more than USd1.5 million in property damages.

The music video is, essentially, a shout out to the resilience of the survivors of the disaster, as well as, the often unrecognized worth of women across Africa whose lives, labor and love propel and sustain the continent, its people and resources.

Dark Suburb, known for their hardcore pidgin rock sound, also embraces the “culture of masquerades and art costumes” as a form of African aesthetic expression. The skeleton masks the band dons act as an equalizer of identity to illustrate that talent, leadership and transformation can be made by anyone regardless of class, gender, sex, race or geography. It ain’t about where you from, it’s where you’re at.

Peep the video and share your comments below.

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