CHALE WOTE 2016: Call for Artists

The 6th Annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival

James Town

Accra, Ghana

August 18 – 21, 2016




ACCRA [dot] ALT, REDD KAT Pictures, the Foundation for Contemporary Art Ghana (FCA), Attukwei Art Foundation, Dr. Monk and No Limit Charity Foundation have begun preparation for the Sixth Annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival 2016 which will be held Thursday, August 18 – Sunday, August 21st.


CHALE WOTE Brief Description

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets. The community-based festival takes place in James Town – Accra’s most historic community – and targets exchanges between scores of Ghana-based and international artists and patrons by creating and appreciating art together.

Since 2011, CHALE WOTE has included graffiti murals, photography, theater, spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances, panels, tours, extreme sports, a film festival, a fashion parade, food and design markets.


 The 2016 Festival Abstract

 In 2016, we ramp up the energy of CHALE WOTE by building a universal TRANSmitter  – a singular architecture – that we call SPIRIT ROBOT. This immersive memory-tech presents a world within a world where life can be structured on different terms.

CHALE WOTE 2016 exists as an interconnected system of pan-African geometry shifting. SPIRIT ROBOT  is a sacred current that decodes worldly systems of racist capitalism, alienation and subjection. SPIRIT ROBOT mutates these frequencies as a way of creating new histories, art and knowledge.

Robot points to mechanical forces that restrict our right to be human – to feel and to express – and to be free. Robot signifies the machine – the myriad constraints that people of African descent on the continent and around the world confront on a daily basis with our very lives. SPIRIT ROBOT reprograms history by melding West African mythology, cosmogramming, and artistic practice in a radical unveiling of alternative African realities. Together we animate stolen dreams, deferred inventions, and lost science through an intercultural kinship. We reclaim memory maps about who we are and where we are going.

What we are speaking of is Spirit – a collective creative process that is human and metaphysical, potent, available and abundant. Spirit is on the move through a series of portals – doors of persistent return – that open up a blueprint for radical reconstruction of our realities and pan-African building.  It refers to the energetic abilities we employ to create a new encounter with reality that is entirely of our choosing and construction. Here we access liberating spaces of art and possibility, embedding our codes of connection in a live archive that we continue to build upon.

How do we create intentionally coded spaces – an algebra of minds – that can be grasped and shared? In 2016, we build bridges of possibilities between us, connecting our visions of reality with one another and the challenge to dig deeper. Stretching these projects together into a meta-network is an act of deep engagement with community, and an exercise in countering historical forms of hierarchy, exclusion, fracture and disharmony.

With SPIRIT ROBOT, we construct and amplify our own technologies to create a spectacular present where are we free .



The Call for Artists is extended to visual and installation artists, interventionists, video artists, photographers, performance artists, filmmakers, thespians, poets, architects, fashion designers, graphic designers and scholars. We are also accepting proposals for talks, workshops, panel discussions and film screenings for The LABS @ CHALE WOTE (August 18 + 19).

As connection is central to the festival, all participating artists must be available the week of the festival, August 15 – 21 2016, to meet one another, share and exchange (in several planned activities) as well as to work on production needs for the festival.

Please note that we will accept existing and new works that are in dialogue with this year’s theme. We encourage applications particularly in digital art, bombing or graffiti art, comics, video art and architecture (i.e. building sustainable human spaces that rely on alternative energy systems).


Ghana-based Artists:

This is an independent, community-based festival and our support for Ghana-based artists is limited. We are only able to provide a production stipend to 6-8 artists who will be selected to present feature works at the festival. All other artists are encouraged to seek external means of support for the production of the works at CHALE WOTE 2016.

International Artists:

This is an independent, community-based festival and our support for participation is limited. Therefore, international artists are encouraged to seek private and public sources to fund their participation (travel, lodging, food, transportation and production costs).



For the LABS @ CHALE WOTE (August 18 + 19), applicants should submit:

 CVs, 1-2 page proposal of project and one (1) sample of work per person. Filmmakers must submit completed short or feature length films for review.

Applicants interested in participating on August 20 + 21st should submit an artist resume (bio, artist statement, and CV), 1-2 page proposal of project, and five (5) samples of work.

Images must be in jpg or png form.

Films or videos should be submitted via link or WeTransfer.

Audio files should be formatted and sent as MP3.


All applications should be submitted in a zip file to and


Please note that applications that do not adhere to the above criteria will be considered ineligible.



Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Final selections will be communicated to all applicants by the end of April.





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