Josephine Kuuire Exhibits “Second Chance”

We are very excited to partner with Mumbles Photography this month on the first exhibition of 2016 in our James Town space @ Brazil House. The free exhibition entitled, Second Chance, features the work of Josephine Kuuire, a professional photographer and digital artist, who showcases human triumph over obstacles through a number of examining self-portraits

Falling in love with photography while taking a high school class in New Jersey, Josephine continued developing her profession as a freelance photographer while a student at the University of Ghana – Legon. Over the years, Josephine has built a reputation not only for her photography of special events and work for magazines and corporations but also for a personal love for making “weird and scary conceptual images”.


Speaking about the concept behind Second Chance, Josephine shares:

Our lives are surrounded by these little moments in time that either make or break us. Although these daily moments can be viewed as insignificant, they contain thoughts, dreams and desires, that have become a huge part of my life and have, effectively, molded my identity.

Therefore, these self-portrait images showcase how particular moments in my life – my struggles – have continuously given me a second chance. The main purpose of the exhibition is to encourage others and give hope to lost thoughts and dreams. Essentially, there’s no obstacle in life that you can’t climb over.

Josephine Kuuire's "No Evil" (Mumble Photography)

Josephine Kuuire’s “No Evil” (Mumble Photography)

We invite you to join us for the launch of Second Chance on Friday, March 18th @ 6pm. The exhibition will run for two weeks and close on Friday, April 1, 2016.

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