Wiyala dissolves into her spirit animal

Wiyaala’s spirit animal is a Lion and she’ll say with a straight face. This woman’s powerful electro voice carries that savannah sweetness in her Sisaala language from Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana where she’s from. She’s making her mark overseas with those husky tones.

South Africa’s Khuli Chana has been able to perfect his sound from his Moraje days. “Money” is quite a groove. The South African house band, Mi Casa consists of members, the producer/pianist Dr. Duda, vocalist/ guitarist J’Something, and Mo-T, who’s very nice on the horns. Formed in early 2011 in Johannesburg, Mi Casa has released successful projects and created a cult following for their jams.

At some point in his career Ali Kiba (King Kiba) was one of Tanzania’s biggest stars  and this “AJE” tune might give him a taste of his time at the top again. Just maybe, ok not sure.

We head over to Kenya to soak up Jaguar and South African duo Mafizolo’s “Going Nowhere” – this song is getting much needed love in East Africa. Still in the East Africa, meet Butera Knowles – no relation to your favorite feminist snatching people’s edges on the Internet. Rwandan radio loves this “Ko Nashize” tune right now.

In North Africa we check out Egyptian singer- producer Hassan El Shafei. His new song “Lessa Fi Kaman” will be great for those random street parties that become obsessively long and endless. It actually makes for good running music if you are into that kind of stuff.

Moroccan artist Ahmed Chawki is having too much fun in that video – it’s the kind that you project onto a wall and play on loop whiles the cane spirit takes over your mind so you can feel like a zombie and loose your shit. Happy weekend.

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