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We are gushing over Ayat’s new song, “I Don’t Know You”. The last time we heard a Hausa lyricist this ferocious was Alhaji Flesh back in the early 2000s. Ayat shot the video in Madina, a predominantly Muslim district in Accra and his people came out to support him. Look out for the M.anifest cameo – he’s been putting Madina on for a while now.

Pappy Kojo went from studying to be a chef in Italy to becoming one of Ghana’s most celebrated rappers. “Nyame Bra” (Fante language for “Come god”) has Pappy contemplating his life as an artist and consistently having to disentangle himself from the bullshit. Interesting how Ghanaian directors are turning more and more to artistic expression now – this is definitely a step out.

Then there’s EL’s “Kaa Bu Ame” – that’s Ga meaning “don’t pay them no mind”. This man demonstrates both his uncanny ability to make catchy songs as well as ever expanding production abilities. We’ll wait for radio to catch up after this becomes an anthem.

Spoek Mathambo blesses us with township trance visuals in “The Mountains”. The song sees Spoek collaborating with Pegasus Warning, DJ Spoko and Gj Mujava in a dramatic dance video. Tunisian metal band, Myrath (yes, metal), take us time traveling with “Believer”. This violin heavy fusion of heavy metal and traditional sounds has quite a kick to it.

Ghanaian-British music artist, Donaeo, offers us a new party tune with “Mami No Like.” The video features deaf dancers a refreshing departure from the norm and we dig this kind of social inclusion. Black M, the Guinean-French rapper might be onto something with “La Nuit Porte Conseil”, a sound that creeps on you without warning. Cuban musician Dayme Arocena is a staff favorite and “Madres” happens to be the official ante-up jam around here. D’FUNMACHINE has been riding high in St. Lucia since “Swim My Way” came out. It’s a fun tune and everybody in their right mind loves fun tunes. Grammy award winning ChocQuibTown are at the forefront of Colombian hip hop and “Nuqui” is a good introduction to their sound should you feel like digging up some more.


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