Zaki Ibrahim Is Back!!

Zaki Ibrahim

Zaki Ibrahim is back with a new electric anthem, “Do The Thing Right”, and we’re jamming it. The tune is a cosmic concoction of raw, bass-lovely fusions. After taking a hiatus from releasing music to focus on the birth of her first child, Zaki’s return offers a funky and expressive jam to get us ready for her next album in the coming months.

According to Zaki,

The song is an anthem of leadership & independence. It follows a seedling from it’s conception to full bloom. It’s about movement and freedom. The words and sounds are playfully encouraging and brave. “Do The Thing Right” mirrors my own movements of the past 2 years. Becoming an entirely independent artist, I have been able to flow back and forth between Canada, SA and the moon… The moon is new, the retrograde is behind us. Let’s all move forth in this new form and shape the horizon. Love, you’re coded for greatness. It’s your way. Come up out of your cradle. It’s your day…


LISTEN: Zaki Ibrahim’s “Do The Thing Right”




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