Soul Science Lab (SSL) are Brooklyn-based musicians, Chen Lo and Asante Amin, feautre installation artists at CHALE WOTE 2016.

Soul Science Lab (SSL) is a Brooklyn, NY-based music and multimedia duo translating their stories into soul-stirring sounds and dynamic visuals. SSL was formed by artist, educator and creative director, Chen Lo, and mult-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Asante Amin. With a focus on high quality, timeless music, SSL also designs innovative arts education models and creates culturally responsive interactive experiences. In addition to international touring, SSL’s current projects include the orchestral, interactive documentary, Soundtrack ’63 and their upcoming album, Plan for Paradise.



Plan for Paradise also happens to be the title of SSL’s project for this year’s CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival. They describe the project as an immersive experience that fuses music, visual art and technology. Through the installation, participants reimagine an alternative African reality by pulling the best pieces of our mythological past and combining this with valuable information from the present as a method towards acquiring endless possibilities in the future. The installation allows participants to interact with the sounds, images and symbols from Soul Science Lab’s upcoming album. It also uses Layar-augmented reality technology and virtual reality technology to bring the Soul Science’s version of paradise to life. Each participant is asked to record an audio/visual artifact that expresses his/her plan for paradise for generations to come.



As a multimedia reflection of Soul Science Lab’s album, the Plan for Paradise installation fully embodies this year’s festival theme.


For SSL, Spirit Robot is more than one thing:

It’s a reflection of the intrinsic intelligence we possess, just as much as it is about using and viewing tech with a spiritual lens. It is also about using all that has been developed in our modern world to reimagine our reality for the common good. People of African descent have always been universally in tune and able to harness and understand high-level natural technologies. In essence, Spirit Robot is Sankofa – a call to return to the source, so we can advance far beyond what we currently perceive.


The musicians share about participating in CHALE WOTE 2016: “Stars don’t align everyday, so we’re grateful for that. SoulScience Lab is honored to be a part of the experience.” SSL is looking forward to doing some collaborations with other artists at the festival, sharing their work and receiving feedback from participants.


Soul Science Lab 1


SOUL SCIENCE LAB’s The Plan for Paradise installation

will be stationed at Franklin House on August 20-21st.



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