MOHAMMED AWUDU, popularly known as Moh Awudu, is a contemporary fine artist born and raised in Nima. He is one of the artistes engaged in the business of painting and spraying life onto Accra’s walls and canvasses. His mediums include traditional painting, mural art, graffiti, fashion design and digital paintings. Moh Awudu first received training under Nima artist, Mozzay Hashim, before obtaining a Diploma in Fine Arts and Design. He also obtained a degree from the AMibs College of Art and Design.

At last years’ festival, Moh Awudu painted some enthralling pieces, collaborating with South African multimedia artist Breeze Yoko, to produce some futuristic work that carried imaginations beyond the skies. Moh Awudu is coming again this year with Human Beings Without A Remote Control – a project which, according to the him,

comments on the breaking of the chain of mind slavery. The work is about human beings living without that remote control of the spirit. It is to say that we have to have the power to think, create, and live with the freedom of spirit. We must believe we can do things without rules.


Essentially, Human Beings Without A Remote Control aims to prod, to lead to an awakening of our collective spirits of the very possibility of living free, creative, boundless lives – devoid of inhibitions of any form, and of the need to do this. Moh Awudu believes that all humans are born with “something special,” and he wishes for that time when all human beings would act like they know this.


To him,

Spirit Robot means human beings living without a spirit remote, spiritual chainsaw, mental slavery, spiritual boundary, to start living the freedom of inner spirit breaking the mental chain to be creative, believing to do the impossible things.

Human Beings Without A Remote Control will be on ASERE ROAD, on August 20-21st.


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