To me, it is a hub of great minds; a mechanism that can automatically transcend our realities, reconnecting the disconnected.

Those are ELOLO BOSOKAH‘s thoughts on the theme for this year’s festival, Spirit Robot.

Elolo Bosoka is a contemporary artist who works in installation, collage and painting. In 2015, he received his first degree in Fine Arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Bosoka, whose work is currently being exhibited at the Cornfields In Accra exhibition inside the Museum of Science and Technology, is a teaching assistant in the Department of Painting and Sculpture, KNUST.

Elolo Bosoka 4

For his installations, he mainly uses plastic sacks and rusty tomato cans – things used by market vendors as measuring tools. These tools, transformed into compositions, patchworks, and ghostly bodies, are taken as items of examination; becoming Bosoka’s objects of inquiry and instruction.

Bosoka is coming to CHALE WOTE 2016 with two projects: the Wallpaper Series and the Olonka Series. The former – which started in 2015 – is an installation of burnt plastic sacks used for packaging charcoal for the market, and the latter – which began in 2016 – is a collection of measuring instruments used to weigh food items in the market.

Elolo Bosoka 1

Bosoka’s material is sourced from society’s marginalised, and used as media to interrogate the intricacies of social classes.

My materials are collected from the same group of people whose voices normally are not heard despite the immersive role they play in the country’s economic growth today. My focus is to work with these materials to hear them speak the words of their owners. It’s been a long time since we expressed our view in a manner we want. Telling our stories how we want them said.

Elolo Bosoka 3

Perhaps, one noteworthy thing about Bosoka’s framing is how he doesn’t center himself in his quest to make society acknowledge the people it continues to disregard. His approach to doing this very necessary work is honorable, making the marginalised – and their materials in this case – speak for themselves by not subjugating their voices, but rather echoing them with his art.

Speaking of how relatable his projects are to the Spirit Robot theme, Boloka said that the two installations he’ll be putting up at the festival “resonate these systems that control our existence.”

Catch Bosoka’s the Wallpaper Series and the Olonka Series inside Franklin House, on August 20-21.


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