Boda Boda Lounge: African Video Art Festival Comes to Accra

The Boda Boda Lounge takes place at the ACCRA [dot] ALT space station in James Town. The 3-day video art screenings happen 18-20 November, 3-8PM at Brazil House.

Boda Boda Lounge is bringing a weekend of video art screenings to James Town beginning today. If you are a video artist or enthusiast, tech maker or radical dreamer, here’s where you want to be. Boda Boda Lounge is a collaborative project between VANSA (South Africa), Waza (Congo DRC) and VAN Lagos (Nigeria).

The second bi-annual video art event is also cross-continental as a way to practice “creating an Africa without borders.” ACCRA [dot] ALT is one of twelve cultural institutions across Africa that are participating in Boda Boda Lounge. Each hosting hub screens the video art films simultaneously, on the same date and at the same time. The festival features 30 African artists from 11 countries on the continent, including two CHALE WOTE 2016 international artists – Awuor Onyango (Kenya) and Kampire Bahana of the Salooni collective (Uganda).




Here’s what VANSA Director Molemo Moiloa has to say about Boda Boda Lounge:

The theme for this year, SuperPosition, is an archaeology of the present, inviting participating artists to dare a different reading of space and to imagine alternative channels of fluxes, crossings and entangling of energies and meaning.

2016 sees the bending of terrorism torn borders, threats of the building of walls and increasingly squeezed spaces for progressive thought and political leadership worldwide. This state of urgency limits our agency over space and ability to define it in ways that are inclusive and open. Such a belief requires we dare a different reading of space, its scope and its limitations, but also to discover the interstitial spaces, to open up unsuspected pores, to drag along new fluidities, to experiment with new elasticities and, in short, to imagine alternative channels of fluxes, crossings and entangling of energies and meaning.

In response, Ezra Wube of Ethiopia, has shared Menged Merkato. Painstakingly compiled and visually exquisite, Wube explains that the work is ‘An architectural analysis and historical journey of the largest open-air market in Africa’s continuous resistance to change but also its resistance to stillness in the course of major political shifts’.

Kampire Bahana of Uganda takes a satirical jab at YouTube hair tutorials and the potential and possibilities of online spaces serving as a site of decolonial discussion in her piece Salooni/Hair. Her critical reflections of Black Consciousness thought sits productively alongside Weave Business, the work of South Africa’s Sisipho Mase. In redefining space we propose to look down and through rather than around us. Based on the metaphor of the stack of layers, this year’s theme highlights the ability of the artist to excavate, bend and twist spaces.

The Boda Boda Lounge Project is an experiment in creative collaboration that embraces our limitations. Through exploring the images that surround us, working only with what we have, and sharing our collective expertise across borders, languages and contexts, Boda Boda Lounge is able to bridge differences and subvert impediments.




For a list of the video art screenings, click here.

Join us each day – Friday November 18 to Sunday November 20 – from 3-8pm at Brazil House in James Town.

This event is free and open to the public.


Participating venues in the Boda Boda Lounge are listed below:

Addis School of Fine Art and Design: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Medina: Bamako, Mali

KZNSA Gallery: Durban, South Africa

Greatmore Studios, Cape Town, South Africa

Kër Thiossane: Dakar, Senegal

LES ATELIERS SAHM: Brazzaville, Congo

Yole: Kinshasha: Congo

ACCRA [dot]ALT: Accra, Ghana

Nafasi Art Space: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

32 Degrees East: Kampala, Uganda

aria (artist residency in algiers) in partnership with Espace d’art contemporain Espaco: Algiers, Algeria

Logomatic design and graphic art studio: Lusaka, Zambia

Rotonde Des Arts, Abidjan, Côte d’ Ivoire

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