Come For The KULA Broadcast At Sabolai Radio

Kula is a strong contender for realest rapper in Ghana right now and HipHop heads are anxiously awaiting his  set at the Sabolai Radio Music Festival stage as we shut down 2016.

The moniker Kula is an acronym for Keep U Listening Attentively  and his music surprisingly doesn’t quite match the poetic “deepness” you’d expect from rappers keeping it real. Kula’s music speaks to and about the everyday folk  who have to deal with systemic exploitation and the usual let-downs.

Kula is a reflection of a vibrant young man sharing his world with everyone by rapping about any and everything, from the seemingly mundane to Ghanaian film icons like Joselyn Dumas to passing social commentary on  social media  addiction, degenerating societies and Daddy issues.


There’s an endearing energy about Kula that keeps you listening. Whether it’s his realness or the witty humor he constructs his lyrics with, this hiphop artist is quite the entertainer.

He’s who you listen to when you want to relate with a hommie, without going down the rabbit hole of deciphering complex lines and nuanced truths nor being sucked into a vortex of underwhelming, flat and mindless lyrics.

His gintar tinz session with yoyo tinz below for instance is a must watch.

Kula’s drive, creativity and style is reminiscent of the now disbanded New Generation Skillions who revolutionized how Ghanaian youth consumed home grown hiphop.

Kula has been on his hustle nearly six years –producing, rapping – and has quite the repertoire to show for it with four mixtapes that show growth from his first project, the self produced Personality Konphlikt in 2010, through to The K.U.L.A. mixtape in 2011, the GhaGeria project with Nigerian rapper Kelz (2013), to his best yet, Experiment X from last year. A fifth tape is planned for the first quarter of 2017 which leaves one wondering why he doesn’t yet have an album.

Come be a part of Kula’s story and help him fulfill his prayer during Sabolai Radio Music Festival at the Efua Sutherland Park from December 22 -23. Also, get a taste of him on his Soundcloud.



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