Godfather of Ghanaian HipHop, Jayso And His Beat Church Come To Sabolai Radio

Jayso during a performance at the yoyo tinz shrine @ Chale Wote 2016.

Jayso during a performance at the yoyo tinz shrine @ Chale Wote 2016. Photo credit: Nii Kotei.

For hardcore post !ndie Fuse fans, Jayso has consistently given Accra some of the most memorable music and introduced us to a lot of talented MCs and this year wouldn’t be any different.

Music heads are looking forward to hearing their favorite cuts from his last album “Making Tasha Proud”, alongside his new artiste Copta, who has proven to be an MC to watch.

For our readers out of town, Jayso occupies a special spot in the pantheon of Ghanaian HipHop and the highly popular Hiplife movement circa 2000.

While better known as a heavyweight producer, Jayso aka Kwaku Picaso, is a fierce lyricist all the while keeping it imaginative, witty and deeply emotional. Same goes for his hook game,Jayso has demonstrated repeatedly he is a boss hook maker and an impressive vocalist.

He released Making Tasha Proud last year, a well received album debut which is a captivating body of work with some of the best music production this side of town. He also has two beat tapes (Jayso’s Heartbeats) as well as an EP (0106) under his belt.

Jayso is responsible for many Ghanaian hit records, including those by M.anifest and Sarkodie – with whom he has actively worked, producing nearly 70% of the latter’s debut album. Jayso has worked with Efya, Kwaw Kesse, Okra , Wyclef Jean – in a rapping, singing or producing role – and has released numerous singles over the years.

While Reggie Rockstone is widely regarded as the grandpapa of Hiplife, Jayso stands as the most influential pioneer of Ghanaian Hiphop, if not it’s father.

Soak up all of Jayso below and get ready to revel in Tasha’s pride at the Efua Sutherland Park, December 22 – 23.



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