Priscilla Azaglo Returns To Ghana For Sabolai Radio


Priscilla Azaglo, a Boston, MA based spoken word/hip hop artiste will be joining us at this years’ Sabolai Radio Music Festival. Priscilla – who is also an educator and artivist-poet – has a style that is, essentially, a mixture of hip hop and poetry, deeply rooted in and representative of African and African-American cultures – both of which she’s familiar with.

Priscilla began performing her poetry in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and has gone on to perform across the United States, and outside of it, in countries like France and the Bahamas.


Seeing words as a conviction and using her tongue as a weapon and a blessing at the same time, Priscilla is deeply invested in the business of using words: on stage, as an artivist-poet, to “challenge and inspire. As an educator, she teaches her students  vocalize their truth.

Those who know about it, have described Azaglo’s  performance as “impeccable,”  with an ability to use call & response and traditional African-inspired rhythms to perform melodic turns of poetry.

Priscilla is quite excited about coming back to Ghana, performing at Sabolai Radio, connecting and leaving behind a piece of her heart afterwards.

We are, as well and you should be, too!

Catch Priscilla in all her goodness on December 23rd at the Efua Sutherland Park.


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