CHALE WOTE 2017: Press Release

The official 2017 poster for the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival. The design was a collaboration between ACCRA [dot] ALT and graphic designer Nyahan Tachie-Menson.

The 2017 edition of the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival also marks the seventh cycle of this annual event. This year, we welcome featured works and installations from over 30 Ghana-based artists and include the participation of artists from South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, U.S., LeSotho, France, Australia, Kenya, Canada, Kenya, Poland, Argentina, UK, Germany and Brazil. The Open Gallery returns (August 14 – 21) – a citywide collaboration with art and cultural institutions during festival week – as well as The LABS on August 17-18th, a 2-day mix of film screenings, artist conversations and special workshop experiences to develop a deeper public understanding of the 2017 festival theme, WATA MATA.

This year’s CHALE WOTE will also include 10 different sites to witness live visual art, exhibitions and installations; 4 music and performance stages; 18 film screenings of independent African cinema; a fashion circus; a CHALE WOTE Art Fair where a diverse range of art works can be purchased; Accra Cookout with loads of great food and drink vendors; the Oblatsoobi Market featuring the best handmade designs and crafts in West Africa; exciting live processions; special city tours; and an Extreme Sports competition.







*A downloadable version of this press release can be found here.


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