The Open Gallery Flows Like Wata Mata #CHALEWOTE2017

The 7th edition of the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival kicks off with The Open Gallery, a collaboration with 15 art and cultural institutions in Accra. Poster created by Nyahan Tachie-Menson.

For a second year in a row, we kick off CHALE WOTE Week with The Open Gallery from August 14 – 20th. This time we are linking up with 15 art and cultural institutions across Accra and promoting the wealth our city has to offer. Witness visual exhibitions and artist conversations, partake in interactive lectures and workshops and electrifying historical tours, taste the best food and drinks the city has to offer, connect with old friends and create experiences with new friends. Most events are free and open to the public.

Here is a taste of what will be on tap during CHALE WOTE 2017 Week:

August 14

Cocktails & Hip Hop Mondays

Tea Baa, Osu

1 – 10pm


Historical Photos + Narratives from Gold Coast to Ghana with a special focus on the life and times of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Exhibition and Talk

Deo Gratias Studio, James Town

3 – 4:30pm


Day of ReMembering: Opening CHALE WOTE 2017 Ceremony


Brazil House, James Town

5 – 7pm


August 15

Dolezalism and Jollof Rice

Lecture/Q+A with April Bey (U.S.)

CHALE WOTE feature participant

National Theatre, Folkspace

6 – 8pm


Open Surgery with the Aidoo Centre: FICTION

Creative Writing Lab with Nii Ayikwei Parkes

Ama Ata Aidoo Centre for Creative Writing

Hosted at Brazil House, bottom floor

*open to 8 selected writers through an open call process. Deadline Aug 8th.

2 – 4:30pm


August 16


Performance by Elisabeth Efua Sutherland

Terra Alta, Abelemkpe Junction (near Lucas College)

6 – 7pm



August 17


The Black British Female Artist Collective (BBFA)

Hosted at Nubuke Foundation

Lome Close, East Legon Accra

Artist Talk: Is there such a thing as a women’s art perspective or is art just art?

2 – 3pm


Wata Poetry, Wata Song

Tea Baa



August 18

Roots and Soul

King Solomon Garden

Dansoman (behind Keep Fit Club)

Wata Mata Graffiti, Film Screening and Reggae Night

2 – 11pm


Africa Actualized

Thought We Had Something Going (TWHSG)

Creative cultural conversations

Hosted at Republic Bar + Grill, Osu

4:30 – 7pm



August 19

We Were Queens and Kings

An exhibition and performance by Zohra Opoku

ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts

1 Lokko Road, Osu Accra

7:30 – 10pm



August 20

Shifting the Center

Album release party for Elizabeth Moreau Kallop

ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts

8 – 10pm






A Celebration of Indigo: Designing Culture

Studio One Eighty Nine

Osu, Accra

August 14 – 20

11am – 7pm



The Black British Female Artist Collective (BBFA)

Nubuke Foundation, East Legon

August 16 – 22

10am – 5pm


James Town Walking Tours


Brazil House, James Town

Contact: to book an appointment

M – Sun, 11am – 5pm


NicoWayo Art and Adverts

Oxford Street, Osu (near Photo Club)

M – Sat, 8:30am – 5pm


The NMA Nima Street Tour

with leading artists from Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA)

Contact: to book an appointment

M – Thu, 10am – 2pm


Mohammed Awudu Gallery Visit + Tour

Meeting Pont: Nima 441, Hot Coffee (near the ATC Roundabout)

Contact: to book an appointment

M-Sun, 11am – 5pm


Orderly Disorderly

blaxTARLINES: Dept. of Painting and Sculpture K.N.U.S.T.

Museum of Science and Technology, central Accra

Open until September 1st, 2017

M – Sun, 8am – 5pm


Twists, Turns and Broken Doors

An exhibition by Dorothy Amenuke

Nubuke Foundation, East Legon

Open until September 10, 2017

M-Sat, 10am – 5pm

Sun, 12noon – 4pm



The Post-CHALE WOTE Open Gallery Experience

August 25


An Accra House Music event

The Neem Grill

Mama Adjele Road

Off Spintex Road, behind Hypermarket Palace


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