SABOLAI RADIO 2017: Call for Artists

The 8th annual SABOLAI RADIO Music Festival returns with events over the week of December 11 – 16, 2017 in Accra, Ghana. We celebrate 7 years of space-making for West African alternative music in Ghana. In honor of this special anniversary, SABOLAI RADIO opens the festival to submissions from music artists.

Additionally, SABOLAI RADIO will feature a Music Museum Exhibition during the month of December. This exhibition visualizes the significance of Ghana’s golden era music from the early 1900s Highlife dance orchestras to the audacious protest music and Independent-era sound that birthed Ghanaian Funk in the 1960s + 70s into a 1980s tenure of synth melodies called Burger Highlife.

These music movements were powerful markers of racial identity, creativity, solidarity and deep joy that reached listeners across the continent and diaspora. Highlife music alone has influenced the shape of AfroBeat, Afropop, gospel, and rock music around the world.

The exhibition will feature visual representations of Highlife classics and recreations of vinyl artwork for the show masters and psychedelic bands who created the soundtrack to Ghana’s pivotal political history. We invite submissions that interpret the music, dress and cultures of these historical moments through multimedia formats (digital art, video, photography, installation and visual art).

Selected works will be featured in the Music Museum Exhibition at ACCRA [dot] ALT in James Town, Brazil House. Music submissions (by artists, bands, DJs and music producers) will be featured during the SABOLAI RADIO Sets and the festival mainstage. Critical essays, papers, articles, comics and fiction are also accepted for publication in the SABOLAI RADIO Journal. This forms part of SABOLAI RADIO’s mission of creating spaces for knowledge sharing, artistic exchange, engaging research and archiving of festival participants’ perspectives and practices in African cultural creativity.
Submissions for consideration should include the following information:

CV with current contact information

Artist Statement

Proposal for Participation (1 page)

3-5 samples of work

*Paper submissions must be sent in as part of the application.


Email submissions to

International Artists:

International artists are eligible to apply. This is an independent, community-based festival and we cannot provide support costs for international participation, Therefore, international artists must fund their participation (travel, lodging, food, transportation and production costs).



Event and performance spaces, PA systems and backline will be provided.
Incomplete and late applications will not be considered for selection.

Deadline: November 3, 2017


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