Happy Birthday Ria Boss: Lo-Fi Experimental Sound Off

In less than a year, RIA BOSS has commanded stages across Accra and set a new bar on what it means to be a singer, songwriter and music producer. She captivates listeners by being herself. Rawly sincere, honest, down-to-earth and creative. Her music is deeply personal and so political, spreading seeds and growing gardens of reconciliation, pleasure, healing, community, and of course, love.

Love for lovers, friends and others, but more importantly, love for self. Fans of Find Your Free, Ria Boss’ first EP, fell hard for these mantras leaving us thirsty for more. Tomorrow is our lucky day as well as Ria’s earth day (Nov 24) when she releases lo-fi // experiments vol. 1. 

RIA BOSS photographed in Accra by Charles Lawson.


The project is made up of three experiments: 

  1. healer.
  2. juice + lovers mantra.
  3. nirvana

All recordings were completed in Ria Boss’ apartment. All tracks and visuals were also self-produced. 


RIA BOSS chillin’. Image by Charles Lawson.


Speaking on the experimental sound project, Ria Boss shares:

lo-fi // experiments vol. 1 is the first installment in a series that I plan on continuing. Why lo-fi? When I first started making music, I did so using all I had. My laptop, GarageBand, iMovie (for visuals) and a microphone. This is me taking it back to that. Using what I have to create. Nothing was done in a studio and all visuals were done on my phone or laptop. 

Music represents a form of therapy for me and I realized upon moving back to Accra that after releasing my debut EP and performing in shows where I found the opportunity to collaborate with many people, there was still a part of me that was missing. The part of me that was always constantly creating for myself! So lo-fi is my birthday gift to myself, my getting back to what Ria knows best. The basics. Using what I have to create the soundscapes in my mind. Creating for self, just because. I produced all three experiments and also created visual narratives for each.




Here are the visuals for  lo-fi // experiments vol. 1:

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