CHALE WOTE 2018: Call For Vendors

CHALE WOTE 2018: Call For Vendors

Over 40,000 people from all over the world attended the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival last year. This annual event is the largest and most diverse vending space in Ghana – and West Africa – to showcase your products and services.

The festival offers flexible vending and marketing options available for small-scale businesses, NGOs, corporations, restaurants and everything in between. CHALE WOTE provides opportunities for businesses of any scale in arts, crafts, food, drinks, fashion, design, technology, outdoor and adventure activities, transportation, environmentally-conscious services and much more. We also welcome international companies based outside of Ghana who seek to make their products and services available to the sub-region.

At the festival, you will be able to interact firsthand with existing and new customers and get real-time feedback on your products and services. CHALE WOTE provides heightened visibility for your business and access to potential customers not only from Ghana but visitors coming from across Africa and around the globe.

There are many different options for vending space at all festival sites. However, space is limited. Book your space with us today by emailing

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