Chale Wote 2018 Official Brochure

chale wote 2018 poster
CHALE WOTE 2018 Poster


Everything you need to know to navigate the Para-Other and find your key. Download the official brochure here or check below.

The 2018 Festival Abstract (PIDGIN)

Para-Other be phenomena, e be tin we go fi use take change how yaanom do tins wey we no dey fi move. E be mind tin. E dey like shortwave radio wey we go fi take travel anywhere. Para-Other check like some state wey we no sheda be human – we turn som oda tin. We dey use am link Black pipol for every corna for dis earth. E be some code, e san be sound we no hear before but e dey here already. Para-Other be new way to think den open space wey wana humanity evolve pass ein current state. Para-Other be deh place we wan link oda Black People for earth, so say we go fi create wanna own world. Para-Other be key, you for find your own.

Download the official press release here.


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