Participating Artists at CHALE WOTE 2018

CHALE WOTE 2018 Participating Artists


The 8th Annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival

Accra, Ghana

August 20th – 26th

ACCRA [dot] ALT and  REDD KAT Pictures  announce the eight Annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival will be held August 20 – 26,  2018.

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, design, dance and performance out into the streets. The community-based festival takes place in James Town – one of Accra’s most historic communities and targets exchanges between Ghana-based and international artists creating and appreciating art together. Over the last eight years, CHALE WOTE has transformed the city of Accra into the most active cultural hub in West Africa. The festival has inspired possibilities in public space design through community supported cultural production.


CHALE WOTE 2018 Participating Artists

Participating Artists at the festival include:

Lesley Asare (UK/Ghana) – Body Arcana  || Performance


Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT) – agbaWnu || Performance


Ubulungiswa/Justice (South Africa) || Installation


Barbara Siebenlist (Argentina) || Mural


2AM / Aambr Newsome (USA) || Mural


El Warcha (Tunisia) || Installation


TOFFAHA (Rasha Ragab and Christoph Nicolaus, Germany) – Weave || Performance


Būjin / Danielle Kyengo O’Neill (South Africa) – Between & Belonging || Installation


Cleo lake (UK) || Performance


Effie Nkrumah [Benumah] (Ghana) – See What I See/White Gaze || Installation/Performance


Nico Wayo (Ghana) 


Martin Toloku (Ghana) || Installation


Komi Olaf (Canada) || Mural


Karen Lee (Canada) – Lingual Labyrinth (Vocal Poetry Workshop) || Workshop


Baerbel Mueller, Juergen Strohmayer, Stefanie Theuretzbacher (Austria) – Tracing the Periphery || Installation


Kwesi Botchway (Ghana) – Nokofio Heroes || Murals


Phoebe Boswell (Kenya/UK) – The Carriers (2010) || Installation


April Bey (USA/The Bahamas)


TMSKD DJ (Ghana) || Installation


Sensei Lo (Nigeria)


Isshaq Ismail (Ghana)


Charlotte Brathwaite (USA)


Tetebotan Kali (Ghana)


Kamaal Shaibu Larry (Ghana)


Chooc Ly Tan (Cambodia/Vietnam)


Ofoe Amegavie (Ghana)


Amina Gimba (Nigeria)


Nii Noi Adom (Ghana)


Hakeem Adam (Ghana)


Caleb Odartey (Ghana)


Abass Ismail  (Ghana)


Elsie Tachie -Menson (Ghana)


Josephine Ngminvielu Kuuire (Ghana)


Shelly Ohene Nyarko and Ananstasia Apetor (Ghana)


Asna Aidara (Ivory Coast) 

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