Poetics of Material Memory : Percy Nii Nortey points to liberatory models of being.

Exhibition opens March 22nd 2019. Art by Ngminvielu Kuuire

Poetics of Material Memory is a mechanical art experience showcasing the unique synthesis of second-hand machines (automobiles) imported to Ghana. The exhibition uses machines and painted sculptures to create an immersive experience that invites the audience to rethink materiality, memory and the environment. Percy Nii Nortey (re)forms and animates objects into makeshift sculptural entities that serve as proxies for collective memory. Assembling (dis)membered objects in an intimate setting, Percy engages composed dialogue that pieces together memories inherent in these material objects.
The exhibition investigates the spatial identities of material objects (auto-mobile/fabric) and shifts its structural parts, making them take on an ethereal outlook. The work exists intimately in moments of stillness and meditative movements, which puts the objects in a reflective mode mirroring recollection of memories.

Blurring the lines between performative objects, sound installation, moving sculptures and video installation, the exhibition takes on a choreographic montage that allows the audience to interact with the objects in theatrical fluidity.
It also generates an immersive environment that aids the audience to reassess relationships with material objects. This timely exhibition offers a visual scope to re-imagine objects as subjects within the ever-expanding conversation about material objects, its lifespan and use in the environment.

The exhibition is curated by Kwame Boafo and runs till the 26th of April at Accra [Dot] Alt.

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