NAA GBEWA – THE NORTHERN EXPERIENCE; A Celebration of the History of Modern Ghana’s Oldest Kingdom

The Chaka Orleans Heritage Foundation (COHF) and the CHALE WOTE Street Art Projkt in partnership with the National Theatre of Ghana bring you NAA GBEWA – THE NORTHERN EXPERIENCE on July 13, 2019. The event, which is the second edition of The Northern Experience, hopes to honour and celebrate the heritage of NAA GBEWA , the ancestor of the Mole-Dagomba States of the north, through curated displays of music, film, dance, poetry, food and merchandise of the people of Northern Ghana.

Legend has it that Naa Gbewa, a prince and cavalry man, came and established one of the largest West African empires during the 11th century. From his ancestry was born many great kingdoms that continue to rule most of Northern Ghana today. Following years of research into this legend by researcher and filmmaker Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seini, that culminated in a documentary film titled The Forgotten Kingdom? Chronicles of the North…, NAA GBEWA – THE NORTHERN EXPERIENCE is engineered to educate all interested persons, especially Ghanaians from Northern Ghana, about their common ancestry and thereby promote peace, unity and economic opportunities within the regions and Ghana as a whole.

The event, due to take place at the National Theatre of Ghana (Folks Place and Drive Through), will bring together some of the finest scholars, traditional rulers, historians and artists knowledgeable in the ways and traditions of the various ethnic groups who are linked to the story of NAA GBEWA. A photography exhibition titled Through the Eyes of My Fathers, visually chronicles the history and landscape of Northern Ghana, with a strong emphasis on NAA GBEWA’s lineage across the major ethnic groups in the region. In addition to this, The Forgotten Kingdom by Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seini, a film that adequately explains this lineage will also be screened, climaxing in a panel discussion with various scholars and traditional rulers around the need to preserve and respect this history and forge unity. Additionally, the project will celebrate the successful enskinment of Ya Na Gariba II of Dagbon, a descendant of Naa Gbewa .

As with the first edition of The Northern Experience at the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival in Accra last year, this edition also serves as a much needed exposition of the diversity of Northern Ghanaian culture as visitors will be given the chance to experience the full spectrum of life in the North, from food and beverage to song and dance, exhibitions including displays and recitals from the Ghana Dance Ensemble, Chief Moomen, Yenwin and Traditional Dancers.



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