CHALE WOTE 2019 DAY 3 – YeYeeYe Twin Festival

Day 3 of the 2019 Chale Wote Street Art Festival saw artists and patrons join the Ga community in Jamestown to celebrate the Twin Festival Spirit Procession referred to locally as the Ye Yee Ye festival as part of the annual Homowo celebrations. Every August, the people of Ga Mashie convene to celebrate the twins in the community, who are believed to be a blessing and a good omen.

Twin girls being celebrated during the Twin Festival

The rich display of tradition began Friday afternoon and saw families with twins perform special cleansing rites in their compounds, before embarking on a celebratory procession through the town. The ritual symbolizes the cleansing of the entire family to pave the way for more blessings.

Performance of the cleansing rites by the family

The contents of the ritual (sese) were then carried in a basin (gagba) through a procession through the town, to the final dumping grounds at the spiritual house of the Ga Mashie.

Here are scenes of the Ye Yee Ye festival procession.

By Nii Kommey and Fafa MacAuley

Image credit: Abdul-Haqq Mahama

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