CHALE WOTE DAY 5 – Day of Re-Membering Procession

Day 5 of the Chalewote Street Art Festival saw Jamestown host the festival attendants as it marked the Day of Re-Membering Procession; a day to commensurate with the ancestors and remember all who joined the ancestors in the past year.

The Dagaare cultural troop kicked off the procession with a thrilling electric cultural display. It was a just a fitting welcome gesture and set the tone for spiritual renewal and energizing procession that followed.

Proceeding through the principal streets of Jamestown, the troupe offered libation and prayers embalming the festival in supernatural fortification.

Simultaneously, artists Va-Bene Elkem Fiatsi (Ghana) and Gloria Godinez (Mexico/Canary Island) performed Borderless Ocean – a collaborative performance with two artists tied together by hair, two beings from two spirit worlds exploring complex layers of our being, identity, nationalism and relocation.

The evening had a very euphoric end to it, with artist and other patrons joining the Dagaare cultural group to put up some spirited and energetic dances amidst singing and drumming. The excitement was a sight to behold, and with the festival entering higher gears, it can only be a sign of bigger and better things to come.

Written by Nii Komey and Fafa MacAuley

Image credit: Abdul-Haqq Mahama and Abayomi

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