Chale Wote 2020


The 10th edition of Chale Wote Street Art Festival will take on a virtual experience from the 14th -23rd August 2020 with local and international artistes participating. This year there are 38 artistes who will be sharing their works with the world at Africa’s biggest independent street art festival since 2011. 10 international artistes, from Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany alongside 28 Ghana-based artistes.

Our selected theme – Counter State Mythology foreshadows the impending remodelling of our world beyond the nation-state through the nameless and the unknown, an acknowledgment of realities beyond the boundaries of the sea. As a concept rooted in Ga-Dangme philosophical thought, the ocean is the boundary that separates our perception of reality from the mysteries of things we do not have names for, of things yet to be learned and lived.

The unforeseen and the unknown has forced Chale Wote Street Art Festival to scale-down activities. For the first time in 9years we will be without our teeming patrons who come from near and far to commune with us, marking a consecutive 10th edition without your presence is challenging yet we’re poised to reach you via technology – the African Electronics and Spirit Robot we told you about years ago when you were helping us to find our feet.

We will be streaming live from Ussher Fort – Accra on our virtual portals the artistes labs, installations, music performances, experimental films, documentaries and murals, which we project to reach about a 100,000 audiences globally during the festival period. We will also dig into our archive vault to stream footage from the early years of Chale Wote Street Art Festival to revisit some amazing moments and honour our alumni participating artistes.

Chale Wote 2020 will highlight the ‘yeeyeyee’ twins celebration during the Homowo festival of the Ga-Dangme of Accra and how traditional rites and rituals respond to global emergencies and constraints. It will be an up-close inquiry into ancestry, spirituality and history on the Day of remembrance 17th August– there’s an opportunity to book a walking tour.

We are excited about the Accra Royal Mural Project by Afuabe; a multi-disciplinary network of Ghanaian/African Diasporic creators using art as a historical tool of psych-relief and liberation. The collective’s signature murals are dotted across Accra, from James Town to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and more recently the spectacular spread at Ako Adjei interchange in the city center.

We call on all to organize their thoughts- the mythology of a counter state paves the way to critically look into rites, rituals and myth-making, hinged on cosmology and knowledge systems and making art within a functional society. We will traverse the virtual borders with the Association of Unknown Shores with mixed heritage women, Kayle Brandon, Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster, Cleo Lake, and Angela Piccini, who have come together with their Scepter to address the legacies of colonisation through film and performance.

Ghanaian Vinyl DJ, collector and archivist, Bernard Johnson-Tackie (Volta45) currently based in London, will beaming in with a performance while delving into data collection and how to sustain preservation systems for African music. Why is Africa’s treasure trove of music shackled in the western metropolis?

We encourage all proud followers and global audience to donate via egotickets and also buy our merchandise to support this free and independent festival, known for its vibrancy and the diversity of interdisciplinary artistes. Entrepreneurs and businesses are welcomed to advertise their products and services on our social platforms.

The festival is produced by Chale Wote Street Art Projekt and AccraDotAlt together with Afuabe, Redd Kat Pictures, Mumble Photography, Chaka Orleans Foundation and Shika Shika Art Fair. Our virtual 10th edition is supported by Twist & Locs , Creative Art Council of Ghana, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Arts, Gamashie Development Agency and Accra Metropolitan Authority.

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