Aashikpe aha dzen ko ni eho ; this is a wake for a world that is no more. This is an astral procession of travellers moving through collapsed time bridges to bury an old world with us. This is adetsaani ; a celebration of life cycles permanently dissolved into partiki to make way for new things of beauty. For to be human, is to fill our existence with things of beauty. Surviving the after-world of engineered global dystopia, means aligning with a frequency higher than that of the physical realm to become what we intend; sovereign beings and manipulators of matter.

We have spent millennia locked into dark illusions and terrible fairytales presented as our material reality. Meanwhile African cosmological traditions present pre-existing frameworks of multiple density manifestation; the mechanics of sound and memory that are responsible for creating our external reality. Within these cosmologies are ways of individuation, reclamation of epistemologies and cultural traditions that preserve our autonomy. A revisioning of our distinct dimension of existence begins with the transformation of perceived realities, rerouted outside of embedded traumatic memory. It is a place not any different from the lived reality of our distant ancestors. Imagine that these things of beauty, are unheard-of labyrinth creations with people living in ways we are unable to imagine within the current simulation we experience as “life”.


Humanity is transitioning into a multidimensional existence and the chaos that has ensued is to nudge us into this new reality activated through our DNA. A major function of human DNA (memory) is light and sound reception and transmission. That means photons and phonon reception transmission for intercellular communication and cellular up-regulation. This implies manifesting at will, the ability to manipulate matter and manifest one’s reality infinitely within multiple dimensions. We are made of partiki amplifiers responsible for the electromagnetic fields that create our external reality. An awakening is upon us, one that has disposed all known organized-complexities and emergent self-preserving structures with all their unique adaptive dimensions. In this cycle we create what we like, as we like with our light, sound and interfacing with a remote consciousness.

The great divide of the present is now between this unfurling new consciousness dismantling spaces of inequality within the post-colony and the persevering problem of underdevelopment and its impending reversal. Today, we are the ones that have adapted to an increasingly dynamic and less certain global environment and transcended it; however it remains a simulation that failed to respond and coexist effectively with humanity. The earth is ascending into a dimension of fearlessness; an amplified partiki grid for all matter forms and conscious identities cutting across existing blocs; a transition into a new found existence within the greater counter reset the world is witnessing.

How do we move our consciousness within this quantum-unified field, where do we integrate and expand into the next phase of our evolution?

We are channelling this rebirth into creating a network of African historical events of resistance and political transformations that have been obscured in linear time, and using them as access points into several dimensions, perceptions of reality and interpretations of points of light in space; from memories and pre-existing thought. This framework will then make it possible to create variations of realities we can experience on the ascended earth in non-linear time. Now we have the means to create new things of beauty far from anything we can ever imagine, beyond fugitive aesthetics and dissonance.

Translations – Aashikpe aha dzen ko ni eho ! (Ga language – meaning , a wake for a world that is in the past or no more. Adetsaani – funeral ritual of the Ga that celebrates the life of the dead in the belief that they transitioned to a better place.

The CHALE WOTE Call for Artists is extended to archeologists, urban planners, scholars, architects, photographers, performance artists, visual and installation artists, interventionists, musicians, video artists, muralists, filmmakers, thespians and poets  . We are also accepting proposals for knowledge and technology exchange sessions, and film screenings for The LABS + SALONS @ CHALE WOTE 2021 (August 16 + 20). Participating artists must be available the week of the festival, August 11 – 22 2021, for virtual meetings, sharing and exchange as well as to work on production needs for exhibitions. Please note that we will accept existing and new works that are in dialogue with the theme for 2021. We encourage applications particularly in digital art, comics, video art, graffiti art, and interventions. CHALE WOTE 2021- AUGUST 13-22 ACCRA GHANA.

CHALE WOTE STREET ART FESTIVAL has had to adjust its programming to suit the precautionary guidelines and safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

International Artists: This is an independent, community-based festival and our support for participation is limited. Therefore, international artists are encouraged to seek private and public sources to fund their participation (travel, lodging, food, transportation, production costs, insurance as well as virtual participation)

Ghana-based Artists: This is an independent, community-based festival and our support for Ghana-based artists is limited. We are only able to provide a production resources to a selected number of artists who will present works at the festival. All other artists are encouraged to seek external means of support for the production of the works at CHALE WOTE 2021, August 13-22.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES For the LABS @ CHALE WOTE (August 16 + 20), applicants should submit: CVs, 1-2 page proposal of project and one (1) sample of work per person. Filmmakers and Video artists must submit completed short or feature length films/videos for review. Applicants interested in participating on August 16 + 20 should submit an artist resume (bio, artist statement, and CV), 1-2 page proposal of project, and five (5) samples of work. Images must be in jpg or png form. Films or videos should be submitted via link or WeTransfer. Sound files should be converted and sent as MP3. All proposals and papers should be emailed to

Note that applications that do not adhere to the above criteria will be considered ineligible. Artists shortlisted to participate are reminded to submit works they own. Plagiarised works will not be accepted.

Deadline: JULY 17, 2021 Selected proposals will be communicated to all applicants.

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