Wading through Black Water performance

This is restricted to recognized media organizations wishing to document and produce news content on the festival. This includes: Tv stations, radio stations, print media, and new media (websites, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, etc.). This gives you access to photograph and report on the festival as well as interact with participating artists and producers of the festival. You will be allowed to publish a maximum of 10 photos and 3 minutes of video as news content. There will be limited slots for both local and international media. Content produced as media coverage cannot be licensed for use on other media platforms or for any commercial gain.

Media personnel must provide proof of employment or identification as well as letter from commissioning editors assigning them to document the festival. Crew sizes and the specific roles of each crew member should also be specified as well as equipment to be used. The producers of the festival reserves the right to allow media houses access to the festival premises. Application does not necessarily guarantee access. Live streams of any sort (via social media outlets like Periscope/Youtube/Instagram/Twitch) with a cellphone or conventional broadcast methods professional media equipment is strictly forbidden.

By completing this form, you consent to adhering to all rules govern the media coverage of the festival and will be held liable should you go contrary to this.

Photography Accreditation

This is a general pass for personal non-commercial photography with a DSLR/Mirrorless/compact camera. This pass will give you access to photograph all aspects of the festival and for personal use. This may include uploading to personal social media accounts or for personal archiving. Photography accreditation does not allow you to use any content from the festival commercially, or license to any third parties. Content cannot be licensed for any commercial gain. Videography with this pass is not permitted.

Film Accreditation

Film accreditation is for anyone wishing to produce any long form video/audio/editorial content, that is, outside of the 10 photographs or 3 minutes of video for media accreditation. This includes music videos, TV shows, radio shows, advertisements, Youtube vlogs, documentaries, short film, feature film, etc. The producers and its media partner reserved the right to grant or decline any such request. Anyone wishing to produce any such content will have to submit a proposal to info@accradotaltradio at least a week before the start of the festival. Late application will not be considered. Following a screening of the proposal, a rate card, as well as a content licensing agreement will be processed.


Photography Accreditation: Ghanaians – ₵ 60 , Africans: ₵ 100 (with african passports), Non-African: ₵180

Media Accreditation: Local media (based in Ghana): ₵ 250 , International Media $100

Film Accreditation: Such request will be handled on a case by case basis, email for rate card.

A limited number of complimentary press passes is available at the discretion of the festival . Preference for complimentary passes is given to media who support and promote CHALE WOTE in advance, or who have previously covered the event. Providing links to earlier festival coverage will help enhance your application. Please note that fees charged go towards protecting the intellectual property of participating artists.

Mobile Photography

Mobile photography with cell phones for personal social media accounts is free and encouraged. Using any images or recordings from the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival for commercial use on any Social Media platform is forbidden without express written prior permission

Any other media request should be forwarded directly to the Press Office:


Registration should be completed online and will be closed on August 18 2021. Registration during the festival weekend (August 19-22) will attract a ₵20 penalty for administrative charges.

Payment can be completed beginning Wednesday , 18th August at the ACCRA [dot] ALT space @ Brazil House in James Town. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 1 – 5pm. International payment can be made via wire transfer or World Remit.

During August 21-22, media accreditation can be processed at any of the following CHALE WOTE Media Centre locations (Ussher Fort and Brazil House).

Download form here :

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