ACCRA [dot] ALT began in 2009 with conversations with creatives and artists about how to build momentum for our work. More than seven years later, the network has expanded into a year-round cultural outlet.

A one-of-a-kind concept in West Africa, ACCRA [dot] ALT is a launch pad for African alternative music, video and art.


There is a viable, global industry for African content out there. With this in mind, we develop fresh content – photography projects, short films, music videos, merchandise, and commercial advertising.

We also create original programming – music events, art shows, film screenings, live concerts, roundtables, workshops, tours, and festivals – in the heart of the Accra city.


We work with a rapidly expanding crew of artists, writers, designers and other creative professionals to produce our programming:

  • The Talk Party Series – a monthly discussion, film screening, performer showcase and networking session

  • CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival – a street art festival in the middle of James Town, an urban fishing community in central Accra every August

  • SABOLAI RADIO – an annual indie music festival featuring emerging Ghanaian and international artists in December


Since 2009, we’ve built relationships with the freshest folks – artists who fuse art with history and digital technology to create new, revisionist work.


Together we are putting Ghana on the world map again and staking new claims on the future of country.



Mantse Aryeequaye and Sionne Rameah Neely, Ph.D.