SABOLAI RADIO Music Festival.

This annual African indie music festival features the coolest artists from Ghana and beyond.

SABOLAI RADIO is the largest African indie music showcase in West Africa and highlights the best in hip hop, AfroBeat, traditional fusion, soul, electronic and rock music.



SABOLAI means onion in Ga. If there’s something that connects the whole of West Africa – it’s onions. It’s the base of our food. It boosts the immune system. It can take over your whole body with its flavor.

Sabolai is an ideology. It represents a DIY philosophy. It reminds us of the boys who sell onions on the street. That quickstep hustle, Ghana sun, sweat, tears and blood.

Sabolai represents a people who are resilient – coming in movements from the North – to Accra. Slowly but surely moving forward. Reinventing themselves each day. Providing for their families. Making business work.

SABOLA! RADIO is a space where, every year, you get to be you. It belongs to all of us. Here is where we hear the music we love – the music that inspires us and uplifts who we are.

The 8th annual SABOLAI RADIO Music Festival takes place in Accra in December 2017.