Strolling Goats in Accra

If you know anything about Accra, you know that goats run this town.

They are everywhere. Roaming, playing, bucking, being.

Since goats are hearty and healthy animals that rarely get sick, goat meat
is a choice dish throughout Ghana. And their human tendencies are astonishing.
Goats are as bold and daring as their human neighbors with a die-hard attitude able to withstand harsh conditions.


Strolling Goats in Accra reflects life in the African city.


This is a photography experiment where we contribute to the DIY [do-it-yourself] culture
of innovators shaping a new Accra. By creating original visual content we are spinning
our inner visions of Accra into the global mix of ideas about life in the African city.

Here our ACCRA [dot] ALT team meets up with other collaborators to create a distinct
photo shoot revealing a cool part of the city or the country.
Together we are the researchers, photographers, art directors, stylists
and sometimes, models, for each shoot.

Check out our take on Accra – a city in persistent transition.